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Welcome to the Boys of Belvedere official website. As a non- profit organization in Southern California, we are dedicated to supporting Veterans and their families, the community, and to providing college scholarship grants to high school students. While our roots began in East Los Angeles' Garfield High School, our vision stretches out to aid all Veterans, their families, students and communities. In addition, we host a number of charity initiatives such as Thanksgiving Turkey/Dinner giveaways for veteran’s families, needy families in the community, and Christmas toy donations for veteran’s children. We are committed…to further the education of your youth…to improve self-esteem and confidence in our youth so they can become independent, responsible, and productive citizens…we obligate ourselves to fulfill our quest in spreading “good will” to the community.

Our History

Our history continues to be written every day, as we strive to make a difference in the community. Please visit our website often to see what we accomplish, donate funds, purchase tickets to fundraisers, and browse the photo albums.
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Donations are Tax Deductible!
Aerial photo of Maravilla Projects in East Los Angeles, circa late 1960’s.  Photo courtesy of California State Archives
Photo circa 1957-59, source of photo unknown
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